Thursday, August 26, 2010

Starting your day with a cup o' green.

The first few things you should be conscious of when preparing for another day.

The Bathroom
1. Use as little toilet paper as needed or a even a cloth will do justice!
2. If it isn't brown don't let it down. Conserve gallons of water and flush later.
3. Get a low flow nozzle and be conscious of time spent in the shower.
4. Do not shower because it's your everyday habit, only when you need to!
5. Keep a jar under the nozzle and reuse your bath water. Water your plants.
6. Don't use harmful bath products when scrubbing! Shop for enviro-friendly.
7. Shut off your lights and open the window curtains. Put that natural lighting to use!
8. Reuse your shower towel. Chances are it's not "dirty", it just dried your clean body.
9. Cold/regular water requires less energy to heat up. So, consider it!
10. Brush your teeth but keep the water off. Use a cup of water to wet your toothbrush!
11. Take a piece of tape, a marker, or a soap bar and darken a line marking your bathtub half full. Now, plug it the water stopper. Very good. Lets play a game. Every time you take a shower or bath do not let the water go above that line. Take a look at how many gallons of water you use to clean yourself. Think of all the water wasted when you forget to shut off the sink when you hesitated to put all that energy in while brushing your teeth. Think of the billions of people everyday that use less than that amount per week just to satisfy their thirst and, mind you, it's not as clean as yours. Now, in making the game a challenge, you need to lower that line every week/ when you feel necessary and make it sure you'll never let it fill over that line.
The purpose of this is game is simple: conserve water, be more aware of how much is wasted, and take action.

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