Monday, August 9, 2010

The Vegan Diet

I get a lot of questions as for what name brands to check out/foods you can get when turning to the vegan diet. Making the switch is a great challenge and although I highly recommend a healthy vegan diet over the junk food vegan diet, when you begin it is almost vital that you adapt to tasty substitutes and alternatives to keep the diet interesting. SO here are plenty of name brands that are flexible when it comes to your dietary needs whether you are vegan, kosher, gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, soy-free and many more.

My favorite fast-cooking, tasty meals filled with lots of iron and protein, are Gardein products. (Garden Protein)
The meals I like most are their frozen packaged chick'n scallopini, marinara chick'n good stuff, and the chick'n crispy tenders.

My second favorite brand is Amy's Kitchen.
I love their dairy-free burritos and delicious vegetable pot pies! They also have gluten-free pizza that my friend enjoys!

The only vegan veggie-burgers/chick'n patties I like are Boca burgers! They are my number one choice for you because of their variety and how they satisfy the dairy and egg-free needs of a vegan!! Another brands may let you down and may only be vegetarian-friendly.

I love almost anything made from eggplant and Celentano's vegan eggplant rollettes sets the perfect dinner meal for me! I have yet to try their other products but this one is a done deal.

And now to the good stuff / desserts!!!

If you're going vegan but you're struggling as an ice cream/dairy lover then you must try out Purely Decadent's chocolate obsession and cookie dough ice cream!!! They have the flavors not only in soy but if your allergic (my mom is soy-free) they also use coconut milk!!!
YUM check out more flavors here!

Another brand of ice cream I enjoy is Tofutti. My favorite of theirs is the ice cream sandwiches. I also tried their ice cream cones which are fun to lick up on a hot sunny day! And I hear they have dairy-free cream cheese, sour cream, and regular cheese slices which I've never tried but I'm going to look for them! Drool over this!!

When I'm reading or blogging or facebooking I like to eat ZenSoy pudding! I tried three different flavors but my favorite is their vanilla-chocolate pudding!
They also have other products but I have yet to try them. Check 'em out!

MILK - I've tried so many different alternatives of milk!
Here are my favorites. . .
1. Almond Breeze unsweetened chocolate almond milk
2. Silk unsweetened vanilla soymilk
3. Ricedream organic regular rice milk
4. Pacific Natural Foods hazelnut milk

During the school year I love to keep cookies in my locker. My favorites are Enjoy Life chewy chocolate chip and no oats "oatmeal" cookies!!! They're gluten-free, casein-free, egg-free, dairy-free+ as well.
My other favorite cookie brand is Back to Nature. I hear they have good crackers and granola bars too!

If you'd love to snack on healthier chips and pretzels or just prefer organic then please check out Saga Valley yellow corn tortilla chips! They are %100 natural with no added preservatives!

Also try UTZ Snacks organic blue corn chips - i'm lovin' them so much!!!

As for pretzels, i choose to buy gluten-free Glutino pretzels and i think they are way tastier than any other brand of pretzels I've ever eaten!

Organic granola bars and cereals are my favorite to shop for because I choose EnviroKidz!! It's gluten-free and when you purchase their products a certain percentage goes towards saving an animal species!! I love the lemur frosted flakes, peanut-butter gorilla munch cereals and the cheetah crispy rice bars!

Another brand of bars I munch on when I need some energy (especially before SATS) is Clif Bars!! My favorite is the chocolate peanut butter mojo bar!

Nature's Path Organics - I've never tried any of their products but I passed by their website and they have more reviews on vegan foods, tips for the diet, and ideas on how to increase your green!!!

I will keep you updated because I'm always open to new vegan brands and I love to give reviews and help YOU on your journey through your vegan diet and lifestyle!!
With love <333333 talk to you soon!

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