Friday, November 30, 2012

What do we want? REAL food. When do we want it? NOW.

NYC fast food workers are standing up for justice across the food system:

"Organizers expect workers at dozens of stores to join the one-day strike, a bold challenge to an industry whose low wages, limited hours and precarious employment typify a growing portion of the U.S. economy."

Dismantle Systemic Problems: Civilization

Civilization is NOT redeemable.
Our culture is unsustainable.
We must organize,

"Environmentalists fight as hard as we can to protect the places we love, using the tools of the system the best that we can. Yet we do not do the most important thing of all: we do not question the existence of this death culture. We do not question the existence of an economic and social system that is working the world to death, that is starving it to death, that is imprisoning it, that is torturing it. We never question the logic that leads inevitably to clearcuts, murdered oceans, loss of topsoil, dammed rivers, poisoned aquifers." 

- folks from Deep Green Resistance 

We are UNSTOPPABLE - another world is POSSIBLE!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Energy overconsumption is forever environmental exploitation. . .

My quick thoughts on this article:

What does this picture reveal to you? It may be prettier than a coal plant, it definitely is, however it's more of the same: extraction - production - enviro devastation - social injustice in the process of taking materials & creating solar panels - more WASTE! Converting to renewable energy is a start in addressing our short term problems (CO2, pollution, conservation, etc.) but it is NOT a long term solution to addressing human needs. We shall not take from the earth and exploit communities in one country just so we can improve our quality of living in another. The root of these problems is our over-consumption of energy! Our economic system is flawed and tells us to take, make, and waste. It is dependent on our finite amount of resources and assumes an infinite amount.

We should be digressing from large scale and progressing to small scale, closed loop, sustainable communities. Ones we're following the "I thrive when WE thrive" ethic, growing food, engaging in cultures, giving, sharing, loving, connecting and building humanity together.

Ya dig?