Friday, July 23, 2010

Strawberry Soils and Streams of Sunshine

Is it his luscious smile or is it her willing lips? The newly bloomed flowers in your garden or holding your first newborn child in your arms? The sky when it's that deep blue or the grass with it's that bright green?
Is it when you reach destination on the mountaintop or the ever so clear lines of the crunching leaves beneath your feet? When you first glance at the one whom you'll spend eternity with? Is it knowing that you'll very soon be set free to the home of our savior? OR is it the marvelous solution you've finally thought up to save our hurting planet?

What is it that makes YOU happy? What is true happiness? Does one of these describe its sensation or do all of these apply? And where do YOU find it?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

the WYSE

Hmmm I'm way too tired to blog it all out for you. Besides, think of all the coal being burned to generate electricity just so I can tell you how much of a gooood time I had. Yeah it's pretty unimaginable right? Well instead of being in denial of our world's damaging ways, just do something. Get off my dumb blog and go play outside. Stay in tune with nature. Plant a garden. Fly a kite. Feed a bird. Save a honey bee. Recycle your shoes. For goodness sake all I'm truly asking is for YOU to RESPECT the OUTDOORS.

But seriously, maybe I'll update this some other time. I just have much more important things to do right now - like my number one is saving the planet. You may think this unrealistic and if so then I don't care what you think because I will continue to do what I do and give it a try. Understand that our creatures of green living are in danger because their habitats are in danger, and their habitats are in danger because of YOUR destructive ways and your destructive ways are a result of too much comfort and your lack of changing your harmful habits, but most importantly WE ARE ALL IN DANGER ( all humans and perhaps even aliens that roam the earth) just because of this comfort we've got going on here. EVERYTHING is in danger of someday (maybe soon) being extinct, if you don't get off your technological device RIGHT NOW.

BUT if you are really interested, scroll down to see some dreadlocks. Perhaps they may be your thing. And then when you get off, knot some in. Wash less. Eat less. Breath less. Change your habits and give the Earth a chance.

Wait!!! Don't be too scared. America doesn't lack leadership, it just lacks devoted mindsets and the will power to change our destructive ways. I can definitely tell you now that every Washington Youth Summit on the Environment Delegate will be a contribution to saving our planet. Perhaps it'll be me who finds the most efficient, clean, and renewable energy source to fuel America. (You're thinking "yeah right she wishes.") Well who knows, you may be right but I really hope your WRONG because I'd like to see my self make that difference just so YOU can sit on your butt and read my blog all day without having to worry about the harmful effects it may have on the environment. Yeah, think about it - a greener planet - all because it is in the hands of these WYSE kids. Maybe this even inspired YOU to get up and do something to environmentally impact your homes, schools, and communities. Well whoever it is, I just know that and feel that we can rely on this generation. We can finally feel hope for a cleaner future. This is very true that I once heard the most compassionate individuals in the world are the ones that care for the environment. - Anonymous (or quote me)

So think green. Go vegan. Compost. Reuse. Reduce. Recycle. Shop green - thrift shops. Choose organic. Save the honey bees. Get some dreadlocks. Save your bath water for your garden. Ya know - just do anything green!!

Hope this made you think or served as a sense of inspiration and positive energy. Get back @ me.

Love you

Sunday, July 11, 2010

WYSE Day #1

I'm here. Finally, I'm here. After hoteling in Pennsylvania and tons of traffic in Maryland, we reached our destination. . . and us, Washington Youth Summit Delegates, are dorming @ George Mason University during our stay in Virginia.

Well, this place is more eco-friendlier than you may think and the people here have what we New Yorkers may call "Southern Hospitality."

Here are some pictures of my arrival, my dorm, and the lovely gifts they've placed on the desk of my room - proof this place must be very environmentally conscious. Oh! These are not the greatest photos but that's because I'm working from my netbook. :-) Enjoy.

The letter says,
"Welcome Rebekah. We're so glad you're here and we hope that you enjoy these goodies..."

What is this stuff?
Well I'll tell you about EVERYTHING because I would like for you to share my excitement!!!

1. An aluminum bottle - YES! I've wanted one for awhile now and I know they've become popular years ago and shame on me for being late, but I'm not a shopper and I haven't been given one even though I've asked continually. . .so thank you WYSE!!!

2. A WYSE polo, it's yellow and has blue lettering.

3. A George Mason University bag.

4. Marigold seeds packet with facts on the back (on how green this place really is.)

ALSO I just checked out the bathrooms and guess what I found on the counter!
THIS -> (read the picture below)

So, that's about it for now.
These photos below prove it. :-)

Peace and love your way, always and forever. <33333

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I've had a few dreadlocks for two years now that formed really well. I had a semi-full head with the natural look but eventually cut the whole back of my hair off as I suffered from a tangled mess.
Here are current pictures scrolling down to the start of the dreading process. I'm a fan of Wynd Mulysa's dreadlock look and after my summer programs (that require a professional/proper look) I am going to get a peace sign shaved on the side. Take a look at these pictures if they seem to interest you.
Hoping the sun shines your way. Love Rebekah

Current The beads help the dread lock form and become solid faster. Mine are actually stuck in...

Back in September when I cut the dreads on the back of my hair off.

When I first began dreadin' (a.k.a. before I cut the dreads in the back)

My friends and I. (L to R) Drew, Jason, Myself


I'm honored to be selected 1 of the total 150 students attending the Washington Youth Summit on the Environment from July 11-16. It's a blessing to be able to part take in this educational experience that will eventually open up many more opportunities.

I also want to virtually thank my mom for helping me register and get there. She sacrifices a lot for me but she really really pulled some strings to get the funds for me to be a participant this upcoming week. Knowing this trip would not be wallet-friendly, she did and always does everything she can to support me. Love you Mom - the soil of your heart is fertile allowing me to truly grow and assisting me in blooming into the most lovely flower that you've always hoped for me to be.

Here are photos of myself as a child and my early years of embracing the lovely gift of nature.
We are all connected to the sun's majestic beams of love and nature.