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How To Hide Your Dreads If You're Going to a Very Important Meeting

Dreadlocks are comfy, care-free, fun and adventurous. They symbolize open mindedness, a free spirit, loveliness, compassion and a statement of peace. They bring contentment, a closer connection to nature and truly makes your inner beauty glow.

So, why would you want to hide them? Although the list above goes on and on, during certain circumstances dreadlocks can be dreadfully unprofessional. Just like any hairstyle that is wild, loose and free, there's always a time a place for it. This blog post describes different strategies ofhow to tame your dreads and make yourself look more presentable in a professional setting. Perhaps, you'd just like to control them a little more but would still like to keep your Bohemian style? Here you can grab many tips on how to tidy, clean and sharpen up your look.

First: Decide what look you are actually aiming for. Is this meeting a job interview, a presentation, a formal dinner or is it a date, party, family reunion? I separate these into two categories. The first few are scenarios in which you may want to hide your dreads. (Note: I am not in any way promoting that you should change your look to please societal standards. I am simply stating your options.) The second scenarios such as a date, party or family reunion may be one where you'd still like to show off your natural look but only to an extent.
As you know, dreadlocks are a commitment. You may have your reasons as so do I but there are many people in society who will need time to understand you. Help them to accept and respect your lifestyle. Your personal appearance may be judged but if you are willing to undergo getting dreads then you have the ultimate power! Please, do not ever give in to societal standards - instead let them adapt to you. This post will help you to gradually show off your look. You know your reasons for your hairstyle choice and do not let others influence your decision. Show them better and make a difference! :-)

To illustrate styles that I'm familiar with, I will use photos of Wynd Mulysa whom is a dread lock model and has a hairstyle similar to mine. Remind you, I have bangs like Wynd, two dread locks that hang onto the side of my face and layer of a few dreads on the top of my head. The rest of my hair is naturally curly with smaller dreads here and there.

1. If you suffer from excess strands of hair and loads of frizz: use a straighter to flatten those hairs, then separate and twirl them onto your dreads so they can tighten, join and lock. This will give your dreads a fresh and less of a nappy bed head look. You can also use dread wax or gel to bring down the frizz. I recommend neither of these! A flat iron works fine. This specific look is two ponytails and preferably a date or hangout look. It's also my favorite because it's fun and care-free! I usually tie a ribbon onto one and allow it to hang. It looks really nice when the ribbon is colorful or full of designs!

2. For a fierce business look- a tight bun with a small front bump! If you have extra thick dreadlocks that don't seem to settle then a carefully wrapped bun may be the one for you. Pull all of your hair to one side, twirl it together and make a circular motion towards the back of your head. Do not raise the bun too high, it should be no higher than eye radius. Accessorize with a large eloquent clip slightly above the bun to make it appear like it's holding it together. If it's a business atmosphere, wear pearl or other round-like earrings - NO dangling earrings. Leave those for your more laid back outings. If you're into doing a bump, begin this part before the bun: section some of your top dreads away from the others. Pull these dreads out in front of you and start by rolling and tucking them in until you get your desired size of a bump. To keep it in place, secure a clip under the bump that will hold the dreads inside and keep them from unrolling. Bobby pins may be helpful to use on the sides of dreads that are untamed but I don't recommend using plastic ones as they are just too small and wont hold.

I'm awfully tired now from typing so much...so I'll finish this post tomorrow... is that okay? See you then.

In response to my dread lock post:

Here is the initial post that documents my dread lock journey and my desire for a new style in the future.

Now, (three years later) I still have a few dreads in and they're as locked solid as they can possibly get! I did also mention in the post above that I was really itching to get a peace sign shaved in. Hair is like art work, right? You've got to get creative!
I'm sorry to fill you in so late but yes, I did eventually get my peace sign! :D Pictures of the shaved look from September of 2010 and my current look (May of 2011) are below if you're interested!!! :-)

Don't hesitate to read my next dread lock post: How To Hide Your Dreads If You're Going to a Very Important Meeting! I am considering a dread blog in the future, ya know, with things like 1. Why you should dread 2. How to dread 3. How long it takes to dread, strategies and more! What do you think friends. . . is it worth writing? Let me know - I like readers!
Well. . . lots of love to you until the next post!!!!! :-)

This picture is from February and was taken in a nature reserve-bike trail the Bronx, NY. Click for a larger / less distorted image!
Here is the finished piece of the peace sign. Continue reading for some extra tips!
Before and After:
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Here are some tips if you are considering the look as well.

1. Ask a barber or an artistic friend! Never, ever, ever walk into a hair salon and expect them to do THIS for you. Have someone with image shaving experience. Ya know, like the type of barber that is known for perfect edge ups and shaves Nike signs, names and symbols.
2. Make sure they know HOW TO make a peace sign. You may want to draw it out first. . .
3. Ask for an OUTLINE of the peace sign as the shaved part and make it a preference that they don't shave the inside hair down too much. They should begin by cutting the piece of you hair into a square shape or rectangle. Then shave it down but not too much! Edge in the peace sign. And lastly, trim the inside of the circle/peace sign...but not too deep!
4. Be prepared to be back in a week or two for another!
5. Once you've got the look down, experiment with other shaves like a heart, a word or a flower! I tried all three! I didn't have the chance to snap pictures but the results were lovely!!!

If you want it to show: braid the hair under, twist the hair above, do a side pony in the opposite direction, french braid onto one side or even put a band above to grasp the hair as a whole.
If you don't want it to show: simply straighten your hair or keep you hair down! The shaving should not be slightly bigger than four inches and will be easy to cover if you have your hair down and in the way of the space.
What to do once your done with the look: Well, it's pretty simple: just let your hair grow! It may stick out/ be slightly spiky for a few days but once it's three centimeters grown, you can then use a bobby pin to maintain it. My piece is around 4 inches long now and what I like to do is wrap it into a twisty on the side of my head. If you are wondering what a twisty is, here is a picture below. (Image is not mine. Click for direct link to hair salon site.)
9. Lastly, have fun with it! If you got a sweet style done then share it! Have something engraved that your passionate about. For me, it would be the word VEGAN. I plan to do it all again and of course, take more pictures next time. Please share with me yours too! I will post them on my blog!!! Love to you friends, I hope this post was helpful!

Sustainably yours,

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In a Washington D.C. of my own,

all the flowers. . .
Would have very
Extra special powers
They would sit
And talk to me for hours
When I'm lonely
In a world of my own
Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland

Roaming around DC, during our week at the Power Shift sustainability conference, gave my two friends and I the chance to bump into some truly rockin' souls.Meet Cody! When I first saw him I thought of the term "punk." Where else could I actually use it? He has a good heart, I really liked him. He and his brother traveled from West Virginia to Washington D.C. (Travis, also pictured below.) They set off on their grandfather's bikes, both of which were destroyed on the way... School was out, it was Spring break, and they wanted to see what it was like to be on their own and free. I couldn't tell if they were runaways from home or from society. They packed their bags, some cooking tools, and little cash to make their way. Too bad they both forgot their phone chargers. Cody was stuck with a dead phone and they both depended on Travis' cell that had an extremely low battery. Funny kids... I would have thought they would be more prepared? But hey, they did it... and they did it alone. My age and everything. What guts, man! Bless their brave souls.

Traveling along with them was a tall dude. He had just met them an hour before we did.The hitchhiker. Derek is his name. He was traveling with some friends cross country but had a dispute along the way and was dropped off on the side of the road. Wanting to see DC, he hitched a few rides there but hadn't any luck getting out of the city yet. He told us about the night before that he spent with this DC activist group called "The Radicals." They were doing a march and were holding a concert after but the band was kicked out of a spot. A church near by offered their space for the concert and a place to sleep overnight. He was baffled. The image that he described was "rocking out below a statue of Mary and baby Jesus. Frickin awesome." Such a cool dude. His small back pack contained few things, none of which were necessities but I'll always remember this notebook that he had. There were pictures in it and a story for each. He told us of the friends he made traveling and showed us their creations. He then insisted we add on to his pad. My friends drew some trees and vines. We also signed our names and facebooks. Derek's story was -he needed a ride to Charleston, Virginia. We insisted that he roam DC with us for awhile until we headed back to Power Shift, where we knew he was destined to find a ride!
My two friends and I helped all three of them make signs to bring back to Power Shift. "Going green -- would like to carpool to __, any help?" Thank goodness for all the lovely souls that joined us at the P.S. conference. With all the smiley faces and good people, many offered rides without compensation. I shot Cody a text the next day and received warming news. He said him and his brother arrived home safely the night before. They were knocked off their feet by all the sweet people. He also thanked me for calling and worrying about their safety like a "mom." What else was I supposed to do? I mean, we all hung out for close to five hours -- by the end of that time we had made connections and inside jokes. I considered them my friends. And mostly, I was just glad things worked smoothly. Oh and Derek, he made his way to western Virginia with some folks too and he even recently added me on facebook. His pictures are cheery! I'm so happy we were able to reconnect.

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The United States Constitution

Dear friends of love, life, and green living,

I'm really excited to share with you my American Legion oratorical speech for their scholarship contests on the United States constitution!!! I wrote 8-10 minute speeches, two years in a row, and presented it to a crowd where it was also evaluated by judges. The contests were nerve wrecking but worth it in the end as I gained public speaking skills, networking connections and I now know the constitution back and forth! We also had assigned topics on four different amendments in which we prepared a 3-5 minute speech and spoke about court cases, historical figures and the true meaning of the amendment. I won a total of six awards since last year and a lot of scholarship money. Included here is part of my 2010-2011 speech. My 2009-2010 speech sent me to regionals and was titled "The Constituted Rights of Vegan Food for Vegan Inmates." SHIFT THE POWER!

Environmental Disasters Affect More Than You Think

The United States constitution protects the rights and lifestyles of the people. A person in this country has the right to do what he or she pleases as long as it does not interfere with the rights of others. These rights are entitlements granted to us by the constitution. Although the constitution does not list economic or social rights, through out the years congress has adopted many laws on these subjects to better benefit the people.

I'll further explain our rights and responsibilities as citizens by first describing our interaction with the environment and the significant role it in our lives. We depend on the environment's resources to fuel our everyday uses and to provide us with our basic necessities like food, water and shelter. When over consumption or depletion occurs, people become more aware of how urgent it is to restore previous conditions. In the early sixties, the public recognized the need for environmental legislation. Before environmental rights were established, air and water pollution was not regulated environmental accidents were very common. These environmental issues concerned many citizens and brought forth the drafting of legislation towards ecological protection.

Environmental disasters not only affect our health but they affect our economy and ecosystems. There were no laws in the early sixties that made individuals responsible for industrial pollution and water contamination but these environmental issues highly affected the health of many citizens. According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, chemical pollutants released in the air increase health affects such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, lung cancer and heart disease. The sixties were a time of ecological consciousness and although many laws towards environmental protection were later passed, the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency in 1970 made an even greater impact. The EPA served the purpose of enforcing air and water pollution laws as well as setting further regulations to benefit human health. This federal agency is proof of the government taking action to protect the people.

The preamble of the constitution has two clauses that can apply to our responsibilities as citizens towards environmental protection. They are to promote general welfare and to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and posterity. This indicates that the states and individuals must work on behalf of the common good rather than for their own interests. For example pollution regulations must be obeyed to ensure better air and water quality for everyone. The posterity clause indicates that they hoped the constitution would bless succeeding generations. Former president, Lyndon B. Johnson, stated "The American people have a right to air that they and their children can breathe without fear." It is important that as a country we make our decisions while keeping the environment in mind so future generations can benefit.

By creating the EPA in 1970, Congress had recognized that environmental worries should not be ignored. Although the constitution makes no direct mention of control over air or water pollution, federal regulations have been placed to further protect these rights. The 9th amendment states "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people." This amendment protects rights not specified in the constitution like safe air and water quality. These are monitored by the EPA to ensure states are meeting specified environmental regulations.

Although congress has passed many laws to better protect the environment and people, there is still no legislation ensuring public safety from companies that pose a potential environmental threat. For example, the BP Oil spill affected surrounding ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico as well as our country's economy and the health of many citizens. Although it was an environmental accident, this disaster could have been prevented with proper legislation. According to the Huffington Post, it cost $12.5 billion to clean up the spill. This disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem killed many fish. The Huffington post also stated that 12,000 jobs were lost in Louisana alone. These include fisherman, drilling companies and the tourism industry. Pollution released from the spill was impossible to regulate therefore the pollution levels exceeded the air
quality standards and served as a threat to the health of Americans.

As I mentioned earlier, a person in this country has the right to do what he or she pleases as long as it does not interfere with the rights of others. Environmental accidents put our nation's economy at risk as well as our health and many ecosystems. The 14th amendment states "no state shall deprive any person of life, liberty or property." We depend on the environment to provide us with food, water, shelter and natural resources to fuel our country. Although some environmental disasters may be accidental, we can be further protected with strict legislation.

The 9th and 14th amendments support our rights to safe air and water quality. It is clear that our lifestyles are directly affected by environment crises. I believe that congress should enforce an environmental law that protects our civil rights to life, liberty and property. Legislation should be drafted that requires any company that poses an environmental threat to have secure back up plans in case an accident were to occur. After these plans are made they should be set and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency after making an ecological risk assessment. An ecological risk assessment is an evaluation of the potential adverse effects that human activities have on an ecosystem. This legislation would aim to prevent future human caused accidents that may affect the environment, economy and health of the people.

Former president, Theodore Roosevelt, once stated "to destroy our natural resources, to skin and exhaust the land instead of using it to increase its usefulness, will result in undermining in the days of our children." Due to the public's interest towards a cleaner environment the EPA was created in 1970. Standards carried out by the EPA showed a shift in American public policy toward federal regulation to prevent pollution and improve human health. This shows how policymakers can greatly impact our country with green legislation. As citizens, our rights include safe air and water which are vital to our health, natural resources to provide our necessities and the conservation of ecosystems for future generations. Along with these rights granted to us, it is also our duty to obey the very same environmental laws that ensure that these freedoms of life, liberty and property are protected.

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo stated "The protection and improvement of our environment is more than an investment in our quality of life but it can also benefit our economy for years to come." Environmental legislation increases the implementation of standards to better protect environmental and human health. I believe that congress can better protect the peoples' rights by drafting legislation that would aim to prevent future human caused accidents that serve as a threat to the environment, economy and health of the people. Environmental disasters affect more than you think and should not be ignored. Strict legislation against companies that pose an environmental threat will ensure that the people's rights are being met.

Thank you.

I will have to interrupt the seriousness of this post by sharing some pictures from other past public speaking events. Here they are if you're interested!

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Jesus loves mountains too!!!!!!

Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will be joyful in God my Savior. - Habakkuk 3:17-18 ♥