Monday, August 10, 2009

To Love

To Love is a beautiful feeling. To passionately care about another being is to love. Veganism shows that. . .don't you know? This also reminds me to tell you of how God creates with a purpose. Whether animals were created for admiration, to serve a part in balancing the food chain, or to help maintain the natural delicacy of the outdoors, he created them with love and a purpose. So you, my dear friend, should spread the love. Bring forth an attraction for happiness and compassion from others by expressing it. To love is to reach true happiness - which is in Heaven with the one and only God - who created you and I with love.
Revolutionize with love.

Enjoy serving more than to be served. Do something unexpected today. Show the kindness of a stranger. ♥ Be the change you wish to see in the world. (as Ghandi stated)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Creatures of Green Living

Today I spent the day with my grandmother. She was invited for dinner before church at her friend's house so I tagged along. I watched her friend's grandchild play outside so innocent and curious like any toddler would. He asked me "Do you like spiders?". And I responded "Yes, of course!". Like us, they are another one of God's purposeful creations. I asked him if HE liked spiders and he responded "No.". I asked him "Hey well do you like spiderman?" and he said "Yea!!!". Well Spider Man likes spiders, I said he's probably more appreciable of them than any other super hero.
He said "Oh".

Later I noticed a few misplaced rocks. He told me "Oh hey look!!! I did that!" I said "Oh. Why?" He told me he was looking for worms. He eventually did find a few. I told him "But those are their homes. Those rocks are their shelter." It's like the roof of your home was taken away...and never replaced. You'll either have to rebuild or travel.
He showed me another other thing too. There was a hole in the ground that he kept filling with the rocks he had taken from the worms. It was the entrance to the home of a snake or mole or any underground creature. If you block the way it can no longer escape through that same trail. It will continually have to create another entrance.
He showed me a spider that rested on it's web built in the corner of shredded grass and kept sturdy by broken wood. He said "Wanna see me tear the web?" "I just have to pour this on it". He was about to destroy it's home by drowning it in orange juice.
I had to stop him. This is ridiculous, the spider hasn't done anything wrong. Pouring that juice is like having a severe rainstorm that clapses our unstable homes. This isn't want God wants. Destruction of the homes of unfavored species ending in mass labour for these creatures to continue rebuilding... Hmm they aren't just 'bugs' they are insects like we aren't just 'people' we are humans.

We deserve better than the unnoticed hate we may spread amongst ourselves. Our actions towards each other can be a devotional towards our Lord.
Lets teach the young ones to love simply by doing caring things. They will soon be in our place as teachers and will be the ones to shape our planet. Let's spread the love our God endlessly gives us. John 15:17

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Super Spider

Today I was playing outside and a spider the size of my hand jumped on my hand. It was awkward, and that's because it was me being frightened!!!! Poor fella flew off me when I shook my wrist in an up and down circular motion. This was weird for me because I'm usually not scared by these creatures. So, I really thought about it. This spider was unique. It's blessed in a sense of being larger than others or than its average size. God has created so many wonderful creatures besides the ones of his image and I think we should care about them too. As much as we may try to ignore them, we will always end up sharing our Earth with them anyway so we might as well get along now. I appreciate the fact I was the human being the spider tried making friends with. When I say friends I don't really think it would be a social situation but more of me being a perfect hiking object for the fella. Wow I can't wait to meet some more of God's creations.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Friends save Friends

Ya know the other day it rained before school and my driveway is fairly long. Our driveway attracts a gazillion worms when it rains. On rainy days I leave my home extra early to catch the bus. This is because I want to save lives. It's sorta like my job too. It's a deal between nature and humans. We share land and we'll both live happy. So therefore during my 15 minute walk up my driveway i hop over the families of worms that hope to live another day if the birds don't get them and especially since i don't rush to get to my bus and put pressure onto them with my heavy converse. The fellas have it like all worms should. I hope this makes you think. And perhaps your next rainy day you'll give your neighbor worms a chance.