Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where have all the insects gone?

This morning I felt kind of ill-fated. You probably know about those days. I just wanted to soak up the fallen snow or maybe just roll inside the Earth in search for our lost creatures, lye against the frozen grounds and taste the saltiness of the iced rains, stretch my arms out like the willow tree and be consumed by the warming sun. . Just melt away. . . I do know that most insects are diapausing during this time of year. . .it is just that the world seems SO awfully lonely without their presence. Don't you agree? I mean, just look outside of your window. Where are all those wondrous creatures that once roamed so closely and maybe even befriended you? Perhaps you might have forgotten about them? Did ever you think that you might actually miss their companionship? But most importantly - has their disappearance removed something from you? How does your heart rest?