Thursday, July 8, 2010


I'm honored to be selected 1 of the total 150 students attending the Washington Youth Summit on the Environment from July 11-16. It's a blessing to be able to part take in this educational experience that will eventually open up many more opportunities.

I also want to virtually thank my mom for helping me register and get there. She sacrifices a lot for me but she really really pulled some strings to get the funds for me to be a participant this upcoming week. Knowing this trip would not be wallet-friendly, she did and always does everything she can to support me. Love you Mom - the soil of your heart is fertile allowing me to truly grow and assisting me in blooming into the most lovely flower that you've always hoped for me to be.

Here are photos of myself as a child and my early years of embracing the lovely gift of nature.
We are all connected to the sun's majestic beams of love and nature.

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