Thursday, July 8, 2010


I've had a few dreadlocks for two years now that formed really well. I had a semi-full head with the natural look but eventually cut the whole back of my hair off as I suffered from a tangled mess.
Here are current pictures scrolling down to the start of the dreading process. I'm a fan of Wynd Mulysa's dreadlock look and after my summer programs (that require a professional/proper look) I am going to get a peace sign shaved on the side. Take a look at these pictures if they seem to interest you.
Hoping the sun shines your way. Love Rebekah

Current The beads help the dread lock form and become solid faster. Mine are actually stuck in...

Back in September when I cut the dreads on the back of my hair off.

When I first began dreadin' (a.k.a. before I cut the dreads in the back)

My friends and I. (L to R) Drew, Jason, Myself


  1. Just google dreads.. Saw your picture and Thought I have to tell this women she's beautiful :D

    Have a lovely day :)

  2. Hey so I was looking at dreads because I miss mine and want them back. Yayyy. So I had to click your picture and find the source to tell you how pretty you were and I love your eyes.