Sunday, July 11, 2010

WYSE Day #1

I'm here. Finally, I'm here. After hoteling in Pennsylvania and tons of traffic in Maryland, we reached our destination. . . and us, Washington Youth Summit Delegates, are dorming @ George Mason University during our stay in Virginia.

Well, this place is more eco-friendlier than you may think and the people here have what we New Yorkers may call "Southern Hospitality."

Here are some pictures of my arrival, my dorm, and the lovely gifts they've placed on the desk of my room - proof this place must be very environmentally conscious. Oh! These are not the greatest photos but that's because I'm working from my netbook. :-) Enjoy.

The letter says,
"Welcome Rebekah. We're so glad you're here and we hope that you enjoy these goodies..."

What is this stuff?
Well I'll tell you about EVERYTHING because I would like for you to share my excitement!!!

1. An aluminum bottle - YES! I've wanted one for awhile now and I know they've become popular years ago and shame on me for being late, but I'm not a shopper and I haven't been given one even though I've asked continually. . .so thank you WYSE!!!

2. A WYSE polo, it's yellow and has blue lettering.

3. A George Mason University bag.

4. Marigold seeds packet with facts on the back (on how green this place really is.)

ALSO I just checked out the bathrooms and guess what I found on the counter!
THIS -> (read the picture below)

So, that's about it for now.
These photos below prove it. :-)

Peace and love your way, always and forever. <33333

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