Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Words of a radical feminist:

I will not be shamed.
I will not be blamed.
I will not be looked down upon. 
I will not be perceived as someone's belonging.
I will not be influenced by patriarchal standards.
I will not be deprived of fair treatment and humanity.

I (we) need feminism because society/dominant culture believes they are entitled to dictate how women should look/wear/do to their bodies and use shame/blame/ownership & other patriarchal behaviors.

My (our) body(ies) is(are) NOT an apology. I (we) should be able to openly embrace my (our) shape(s), build(s) and (our) outer beauty without hesitation or fear of being shamed.

I will continue to love, adore and explore the comfort of my body, endlessly --- and I encourage you to do so too.

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EMPOWERMENT to you feminists, pro-feminists and allies of femininity.
-Bekah Sunshine

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