Thursday, June 16, 2011

In response to my dread lock post:

Here is the initial post that documents my dread lock journey and my desire for a new style in the future.

Now, (three years later) I still have a few dreads in and they're as locked solid as they can possibly get! I did also mention in the post above that I was really itching to get a peace sign shaved in. Hair is like art work, right? You've got to get creative!
I'm sorry to fill you in so late but yes, I did eventually get my peace sign! :D Pictures of the shaved look from September of 2010 and my current look (May of 2011) are below if you're interested!!! :-)

Don't hesitate to read my next dread lock post: How To Hide Your Dreads If You're Going to a Very Important Meeting! I am considering a dread blog in the future, ya know, with things like 1. Why you should dread 2. How to dread 3. How long it takes to dread, strategies and more! What do you think friends. . . is it worth writing? Let me know - I like readers!
Well. . . lots of love to you until the next post!!!!! :-)

This picture is from February and was taken in a nature reserve-bike trail the Bronx, NY. Click for a larger / less distorted image!
Here is the finished piece of the peace sign. Continue reading for some extra tips!
Before and After:
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Here are some tips if you are considering the look as well.

1. Ask a barber or an artistic friend! Never, ever, ever walk into a hair salon and expect them to do THIS for you. Have someone with image shaving experience. Ya know, like the type of barber that is known for perfect edge ups and shaves Nike signs, names and symbols.
2. Make sure they know HOW TO make a peace sign. You may want to draw it out first. . .
3. Ask for an OUTLINE of the peace sign as the shaved part and make it a preference that they don't shave the inside hair down too much. They should begin by cutting the piece of you hair into a square shape or rectangle. Then shave it down but not too much! Edge in the peace sign. And lastly, trim the inside of the circle/peace sign...but not too deep!
4. Be prepared to be back in a week or two for another!
5. Once you've got the look down, experiment with other shaves like a heart, a word or a flower! I tried all three! I didn't have the chance to snap pictures but the results were lovely!!!

If you want it to show: braid the hair under, twist the hair above, do a side pony in the opposite direction, french braid onto one side or even put a band above to grasp the hair as a whole.
If you don't want it to show: simply straighten your hair or keep you hair down! The shaving should not be slightly bigger than four inches and will be easy to cover if you have your hair down and in the way of the space.
What to do once your done with the look: Well, it's pretty simple: just let your hair grow! It may stick out/ be slightly spiky for a few days but once it's three centimeters grown, you can then use a bobby pin to maintain it. My piece is around 4 inches long now and what I like to do is wrap it into a twisty on the side of my head. If you are wondering what a twisty is, here is a picture below. (Image is not mine. Click for direct link to hair salon site.)
9. Lastly, have fun with it! If you got a sweet style done then share it! Have something engraved that your passionate about. For me, it would be the word VEGAN. I plan to do it all again and of course, take more pictures next time. Please share with me yours too! I will post them on my blog!!! Love to you friends, I hope this post was helpful!

Sustainably yours,

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